Custom Solutions

This guidance is intended for any third-party developer who is building a campaign micro-site on behalf of Condé Nast Digital or a Condé Nast brand, where that campaign's code will sit within the furniture of a Condé Nast website. If you have any questions about these requirements, please speak to your Condé Nast Project Manager.

Examples of past campaigns that have been implemented using this process:

HTML Comments (required)

You will need to ensure that your HTML contains the following comments *verbatim* within the <head> and <body> tags:

<!-- Begin Promotion Head -->
    your head tags
<!-- End Promotion Head -->
<!-- Begin Promotion Body -->
    your page body
<!-- End Promotion Body -->

Without these HTML comments, we will be unable to render the content of your custom solution within our site furniture.


You must use absolute, rather than relative references to any resources which sit in the directory of the custom solution. Again, this is because of the way we reference the custom solutions files so that they appear to be hosted within the site furniture of,, etc.

For example: a reference to /css/style.css would need to change to

Please note the use of HTTPS protocol – this is an absolute requirement, and any references that are not secure are subject to break when the sites eventually become secure.

You will need to include the name of the directory the solution will be stored in on s3. If you don't have this, ask your Condé Nast Project Manager for this information.

Testing & Final Delivery

If you have a CI/staging environment that you would like to use during development and client review, you can ask your Condé Nast project manager to use that environment as the source reference when they set up the page in our CMS platform ("Merlin"). This environment must include the HTML comments as described above, and the absolute references must point to your staging environment.

The PM will then be able to provide you with a preview link which shows how your code will appear when it is injected into our site furniture.

If you do use this method for testing, you must be prepared to update the absolute references to point at the Condé Nast s3 bucket before delivering the final, signed-off build. The PM will upload the full directory to our own s3 before the campaign goes live.


We do not use jQuery in our pages for performance reasons. If you absolutely must use jQuery, please try to keep the package size to a minimum, and ensure that you include your own references in the final production build.