Covers API — Latest Image

This method will return a the latest cover image for a given brand. You can optionally supply a type of cover and a width which you'd like the image resized to.

The "latest" image is defined as simply the most up to date cover image in the API, even if it is for a future issue. You may also wish to look at the current issue endpoint


This api call will return JPEG data. You will likely want to use this endpoint as part of an HTML img tag's src attribute





Replacement Description Required
brand a valid brand abbreviation code. See here for more info Yes
type a valid cover type. See here for more info No. Defaults to "print"
width a width in pixels No. Defaults to 2000

Example Usage

Latest Vogue Print cover image, resized to 300 pixels wide

<img src="">

Would produce...

Latest Wired Mobile cover image, resized to 400 pixels wide

<img src="">

Would produce...