Social API — Vine by id

This method will return data about an individual vine. You will need to know the id of the vine you wish to look up.



Example request

$ curl

Example response

  "data": {
    "author_name": "MTV",
    "author_url": "",
    "cache_age": 3153600000,
    "height": 600,
    "html": "<iframe class=\"vine-embed\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"600\" frameborder=\"0\"></iframe><script async src=\"//\"></script>",
    "provider_name": "Vine",
    "provider_url": "",
    "thumbnail_height": 480,
    "thumbnail_url": "",
    "thumbnail_width": 480,
    "title": "oops",
    "type": "video",
    "version": 1.0,
    "width": 600

Error handling

If the given vine_id is not found, a 500 response will be returned.

Example error response

  "error": "failed to get vine"