Welcome to Engineering at Condé Nast Britain.

We're the team of engineers and product managers behind Vogue, Wired, Ars Technica, GQ, and many more, who build platforms and tools which serve more than 1.5 billion HTTP requests per month.

The team comes from a variety of different backgrounds - some of us are non-graduates, some of us have only worked at huge companies, others have only worked at start ups, and we come from all corners of the globe (9 different nationalities at last count!). The thing that we all share, though, is a curiosity and passion for figuring out how stuff works.

We have a fun and thoroughly modern tech stack and we're committed to opening as many of our systems up as possible via our Open API programme, and we've even open sourced our front-end framework on Github. We are hiring!

Our Stack

We use this stuff (and more) to get the job done.

Apache Solr

What we're working on

Over the last 18 months we've completely re-invented our tech platform from the ground up. Not a single line of code has come across from the old platform to the to new platform. As of October 2016, we've got 85% of our traffic on our new platform, so we're very nearly done.

Our platform serves 1.5 billion requests a month, so it hasn't been easy. It's a micro-service oriented architecture, so it's fun to work on and easy to reason with.

Once we're fully aboard the new platform, our main focus will move towards fixing shortcomings in our Content APIs, and continually improving our front-ends and bespoke CMS.


We're always looking to have great engineers and product managers join our team. Please see our jobs page to see our current open positions.